Finding a Reliable Appliance Repair company

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Unless you have already become familiar with a gifted appliance repair technician, finding a good one could prove to be a challenge. You want someone you can depend on when you have an appliance break down. That means knowing what you should look for before you start your search, is crucial to the outcome. Many people have taken this fact for granted, and they found themselves being over-charged and under-serviced. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you need to find a reliable professional service person.

Get Referrals

One good tactic in the search game for appliance repair technicians around Los Angeles for example , is asking around. Word of mouth truly is the best advertising. Ask family or friends about anyone you are thinking about calling to service your appliances. A good reputation carries trust, an excellent trait that you certainly want. Dis-satisfied customers are very eager to tell their hard luck stories. So referrals are truly a valuable asset for this type of search. You want to know about work quality, reputation, and pricing. People also like to have someone pleasant, courteous, and respectful to deal with.

Insurance & Licensing

Another good source of information for getting great service repair, is checking out advertisements. You want to know that the people you are dealing with are licensed and carry good insurance. They need to be licensed by the state, and insured to protect against damages or liabilities. This means they are serious about their business and their customers. Always check these things out before letting someone service your appliances.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

The length of time a company has been in business will also be a clue to their abilities and reputation. It is almost always the fly-by-night types that do the most damage. When a company has been around for a lot of years, you probably will have an easy time asking around and getting information about them. You can be sure they are dependable and trustworthy, or else they would have disappeared by now. This is not to say you should never give a new start-up company or new technicians a chance, but there is a bit of risk involved.

Watch Out!

One thing to keep in mind when you check out the advertisements, is that it costs money to do it. That could mean higher prices for the customers of those companies. This is another thing to keep in mind.

Larger Companies vs. Family-Owned Companies

Never be fooled into thinking that smaller family-owned businesses cannot compete with the quality of the larger companies. The truth is, they can be every bit as professional and experienced. They might even come with an extra benefit, which is more personalized service. The larger companies may have so much business that they are not so concerned with every little project. This can be another concern to look into before taking the plunge.

Some Final Considerations

You should also give some thought to the economics of your decision. Does it really make sense to have an older appliance repaired, or do you think it’s about time to invest in a new one? Sometimes replacing one works out better, because it is not always headed for the shop for yet another repair. Know the life expectancy involved with your appliances, and sit down and think about what you should do. Weight the costs and efficiency and make a solid decision.

The main key for making the best decision for your particular situation for your appliance repair, is locate the best possible repair service company for what you need. Take the time to ask around, check them out online and around town, then decide if it’s repair you need, or a replacement. All of these things can help you to save money and get satisfactory service.

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Five tips for living with laundry



Laundry day can be overwhelming in most households. When people are surveyed about their least favorite household chore, doing the laundry is almost always at the top of the list. The proliferation of new laundry services like Washio and Laundry Locker is largely due to this pain point that even the Mom of the year can appreciate. Sending your laundry out to a service is not really practical or possible for everyone, especially larger families. The average family of four generates four hundred loads of laundry in one year. That’s 7.69 loads per week. Using a laundry service for this could be enough to fund a college education if you sent your laundry out every week. We are going to help you save money and make the weekly washing more enjoyable and less of a chore with our Five tips to living with laundry.

Tip 1- Don’t save all of the laundry for one day. No one likes a burden. Even if it is a necessary one. Breaking up the laundry into small bits like you would with a big meal helps it to go down a lot easier. We recommend doing a load or 2 each day. That way it only takes a small amount of your time and you can incorporate it into your daily routine. For example whites on monday, darks on tuesday, underwear on wednesday etc. Loading the machine and switching a load takes very little time and can be done at ant time during the day or night. Once you incorporate our next tip, it becomes a breeze to work it this way.

Tip 2- Organization is the key to happiness. Have more than one laundry hamper so it is easy to sort. If you get a routine going with your family so they sort their own clothes into multiple hampers, then tip 1 is much easier to do. Simply grab a hamper or bag and toss it in the machine. Of course you will still need to pre-treat any really dirty stuff.

Tip 3- Read the labels on your clothes and more importantly on your detergent. Most consumers use more washing powered or laundry soap than is necessary to get their clothes clean. It is easy to make the mistake in thinking that if your clothes are very dirty that you need to use more soap. In actuality the same recommended amount of soap should provide an equal amount of cleaning power. Save money by using less detergent not more. Extra dirty clothes need the recommended amount, but lightly soiled items may not need as much. The type of laundry detergent you use can contribute to the longevity of your clothes and how dirty they get and stay over time. Commercially produced chemical based detergents tend to leave a residue behind that is a strong dirt attractant. That means each time you wash, more residue ends up in the clothes and attracts more dirt. So a vicious cycle develops. Organically derived detergents are cleaner rinsing and leave no residue. So look for natural detergents like puretergent or charlie’s soap and save some money. They will also help get rid of any soap buildup on your washing machine.

Tip 4- Don’t over dry your clothes. Dryers are excellent for getting the job done quickly and in humid environments. Unfortunately they can really shorten the lifespan of your cloths. Combine that with the cost of electricity and or gas and there is a compelling case to be judicious in the use of dryers. Our tip is to use dryers for hard to dry items like jeans and towels. Consider using the dryer with the timer settings so you can control how long your cloths are exposed to the heat. In dryer climates you can run cycles a bit shorter and hang the clothes right in your closet with little worry of funky smells or mildew. We recommend using a drying rack or outfitting your laundry room with a retractable drying line if space provides.

Tip 5- Make your laundry space as uncluttered and enjoyable a place as possible so you don’t mind being there. The trend in recent years has been toward fancy appliances and decorated spaces in the laundry room. Let’s face it if you have to be in the room for any length of time it should be as pleasant and functional as it can be. Start with organization of the space and you will find it easier to get the job done when everything has it’s place. We recommend using easy to assemble modular shelving systems to make the best use of the space. Including a folding table and storage for laundry products is key.

Take some time and implement our 5 tips for living with laundry and watch your weekly washing burden transform into just another part of your day that you don’t think twice about.

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